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About Alphabet Crafts

Alphabet Crafts was established in 2004 following 21 years as a manager in the public sector.

While teaching and individual calligraphy commissions provide most of my work, the writing of names on invitations and place cards for individual and corporate clients is rapidly increasing as clients place repeat orders or recommend me to others.  Writing names on 500 invitations for a client I have not met is not unusual.  Selected work is featured on this site to show a variety of styles, use of colour, decorated letters and illustrations.

In 2004 I started teaching calligraphy and commenced a teacher training course.  I became qualified as a teacher of adults, achieving a Cert. Ed. in July 2007.  I became an accredited tutor for the Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society in 2007.  I currently teach in Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.

My work has been featured in "Suffolk and Norfolk Life" September 2005, "Pure Weddings" Autumn 2006,  "An Essex Wedding" November 2006 and "Pure Weddings" Spring 2007.









Christine Robinson - Calligrapher