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Happy customers

Listed below is recent feedback from valued and happy customers.

"I have received the book this morning and am absolutely delighted with what you have produced for us, your work is really exceptional and I couldn't have wished for anything better.  May I also thank you for you have made the whole process from start to finish very easy.  I now have to decide whether to wait until A's birthday to give her the book, but this isn't until the end of December, or to just give it to her now. Whatever I decide I think she will be delighted to receive it."  Colin M.  October 2018.  Colin wrote a poem for his wife.  This was written in grey and burgundy and made into a handmade book with a handmade envelope.

"Thanks very much for the  ' Wedding Blessing '  I am very pleased.  It is well laid out, it is clear to read, and has a nice simplicity about it.  I am sure that D and K,  will be very pleased with it also.  I will let them choose the frame for it."  Patricia. June 2018. N. Ireland.  The wedding blessing was written as a wedding present.


"It has arrived!!  I have seen a picture of it and I just want to say thank you so much, it looks amazing!" Niki U. December 2017.  Surrey.  Niki's wedding present to her friend was framed in a silver frame

"Thank you so much. Eddie's poem looks great. L will absolutely love it (as I do). I will certainly recommend your services if I ever hear of anyone wanting any calligraphy done."  Catherine W. November 2017.  Nottinghamshire.  Catherine's grandson's poem was written and framed as a present for her husband on their wedding anniversary.


"We have just opened the package from you and are absolutely delighted with the poem.  I'm sure that when the rest of the family see it, they will be just as stunned as we are.  My mother would have loved it.  It was so lovely to meet with you when we came down to Norfolk. Your advice and suggestions about the form that the work would take, were gratefully appreciated.  Once again, Christine, thank you so very much for what is indeed, a work of art."  Paul D. November 2017.  Northumberland. A long poem, which mentioned Paul's Mum, was written in a dark blue colour with decoarted letters and gilding.


"Thank you..!  It's surpassed all that I could have hoped for and I'm sure it will be a wonderful surprise."  John H. October 2017.  Isle of Man.  A collection of quotes were written on a coloured background as a gift.


"Just a quick word to confirm the safe arrival of the piece today and to thank you for your good work.  We hope that it will be something that she will keep and treasure throughout  a long and happy life."  David P.  October 2017.  Wales A poem was written for David's second grandchild.  It was written in two colours and framed in white.

"Just received it, and its awesome! Thank you so much! Absolutely beautiful! Away to get it framed."  Leon Y.  September 2017. Scotland.  Leon wrote a poem for his wife's birthday.  This was written out with a decorated initial letter.

"Present given to last daughter to leave home today. Emotions all round etc . She is very pleased with  the gift."  Mark S.  Staffordshire.  August 2017. Mark and his wife commissioned a framed piece of work for their daughter prior to going to university.  This is a third order from the couple.

"Thank you for the excellent work, I love it!"  Jonathan C.  July 2017.  Dorset.  A leaving gift was producesd for a colleague.

"On opening it I was blown away.  It looks absolutely wonderful and surpasses all my expectations.  My late wife A, an art teacher, would have been amazed and would have known how much work and talent you have put into this lovely piece of calligraphy.  My son will frame it and I'll send you a photo.  Thank you again."  Paul S. June 2017.  Lancashire. A long piece of text that was loved by Paul and his late wife was written in blues and greens on a coloured hazy background.

"Got home tonight and opened the package.  It is fantastic.  Better than imagined and my wife loves it."  Ian S.  May 2017.  Lancashire.  Ian wrote a poem for their 21st wedding anniversay.  The lines of the poem were centred with an illustration of a rose at the top.  The work was framed, posted and ready to be presented to his wife.

"I picked up the poem this morning - it's beautiful - I know my "cherubs" will be thrilled - can't wait to give it to them!  Many many thanks."  Pippa H.  May 2017.  Bristol.  Pippa commissioned a poem to be written as a wedding gift.  It was written in grey writing with an illustration of cherry blossom down the left side.

"Thank you for doing this for me.  Very happy with the outcome and my wife, who I gave it for her birthday, is delighted!"  James C. April 2017.  Cambridge.  James wrote a short poem for his wife.  This was written in black writing, framed and posted.

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for the work - it looks great and made us both cry!"  Paul Y.  April 2017. Merseyside.  This piece of work was written in burgundy and gold writing with the lines centred.  It was a first anniversary gift for his wife.

"They're perfect, thank you!"  Joss. H. February 2017.  Cumbria.  Joss' and her husband's wedding vows were written as a first anniversary gift for her husband.

 "It was here when I got in last night and it's perfect,  thank you so much!  I know Sarah will be thrilled.  Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for your amazingly prompt service. Happy Christmas. (I bet your Christmas cards are collectors items!)"  Jon. V. December 2016.  Exeter.  A song was written in colour as a Christmas present for Jon's partner.

"We had an amazing time in Germany and what you did for us was truly icing on the cake.   Thanks for getting it done on time - he was really made up."  Mike A. November 2016.  Derbyshire.  A portfolio of quotes were written in grey and Man City blue to celebrate Mike's friend's 50th birthday. These were presented in a handmade wallet.

"Sorry for the late reply - I have been away with work and out of internet contact for a few weeks.  I got home and the piece was sitting there waiting for me.  It is great - thanks again!"  T.M. August 2016.  A piece of text was written to celebrate the birth of T's son.  This is the third piece of work commissioned by T.

"I have today received the work that you have done for myself. This is just amazing and more than I thought it would be. I cannot thank you enough for this and I know my wife Kate will love it. Again THANK YOU so much."  Andrew B.  July 2016.  Berkshire. Andrew's and Kate's wedding vows were written as a first anniversary gift.

"I just wanted to get in touch to thank you for the wonderful job you have done.  I'm sure Jill will be over the moon with it."  Ritchie T. June 2016. Scotland.  A wedding reading was written as a first anniversary present for his wife.

"It is beautiful, it looks much better in real life than the photo, I am really, really pleased with it.  Thank you for this, it will make an unforgettable wedding gift."  Caroline. M. May 2016.  Spain.  Caroline had written a song for her son's wedding.  This was written in calligraphy and included a small illustration.

"I have just received your parcel and I am speechless.  It's absolutely beautiful.  Thank you very much."  Jennifer C. Northern Ireland.  March 2016.  Rudyard Kipling's poem "If" was written in black ink with a small decorative letter at the start of each verse.

"Mum's poem arrived today.  Very pleased.  Thank you very much."  Mel C.  December 2015.  Essex.  Mel commissioned a poem to be written that had been created by her later mother.

"Received.  Great job.  Thank you."  William B.  November 2015.  Wiltshire.  William's family tree was produced as a gift for his newly arrived twin grand children.  The family tree was taken to the USA for Christmas. 

"It's arrived and is absolutley perfect!"  Michel M.  October 2015.  Gloucestershire.  Michele commissioned a poem read out at her daughter's wedding.

"Took the framed picture to my sister yesterday and she was nearly in tears.  It was absolutely perfect!  Thank you ever so much.  If I ever hear of anyone else needing a similar gift or job done I will sing your praises and pass on your details".  Ian M.  London.  October 2015.  While Ian's sister was on her honeymoon I wrote a reading from the wedding and had it framed in a bespoke mid oak frame.. 

"The calligraphy arrived today - it's lovely.  Claire will be delighted.  Thanks very much!  I'll send you a photo once it's framed". Simon J. Gateshead.  September  2015.  Simon commissioned a piece of work to be written in an utramarine colour that reflected his wife's wedding dress.  The writing was accompanied by a sketch of a white rose and was a first anniversary gift.

"Arrived and (as expected) brilliant."   Mark S.  Staffordshire.  August 2015. Mark and his wife commissioned a framed piece of work for their son prior to going to university.  This is a second order from the couple.

"Thank you so much.  Such beautiful handwriting!  I am thrilled.  It is to celebrate my becoming a GP and the Apache Blessing in memory of my late grandmother who gave me this on my wedding day."  Ellen P.  Wales.  July 2015.  Ellen commissioned two pieces of work. 

"It arrived today and is lovely, thank you."  Diana K.  Brentford.  May 2015.  Diana had a reading form her wedding written in calligraphy as a gift for the husband.  It was accompanied by a decorative border down the left side.

"Thank you very much for the place cards that arrived safely this morning.  They are brilliant!"  Caroline A.  London.  May 2015.  Caroline ordered 95 place cards for a company dinner with the guests' names in blue writing.

"Thank you very much for the lovely work you did for me - it arrived on Monday and have taken it to be framed today.  I am very pleased what what you did - it will look great and a very special gift.  I have other things that are in my mind to do and would not hesitate in using your services again.  Once again, many thanks."  Fiona G.  Devon.  May 2015.  Fiona's poem was illustrated with a small group of daffodils.

"The work has arrived safely and looks great, thanks!"  David P.  Wales.  April 2015.  A poem was written for David's first grandchild.  It was written in red and framed in white.

"The parcel arrived yesterday and looks absolutely fantastic, the flowers are just right !. Thank you so much, very much appreciate the effort you put into this and I will certainly recommend your work if anyone asks me. Just got to keep it hidden until our anniversary in July."  Gary T.  Oxfordshire.  April 2015.  As a first anniversary present for his wife, Gary had a reading written out which included a drawing of three gerberas from the wedding bouquet.

"Just to let you know the family tree arrived as scheduled and I am really delighted with it.  I have taken a photograph for us and it is now safely re-wrapped and ready for posting to the US.  Thank you so much for your help with this venture.  I am sure the parents will appreciate the workmanship."  Susan F. Kent.  March 2015.  A family tree was written as a present for Susan's great grandson.

"The poem and presentation blew him away.  Thank you for all your hard work and attention to detail."  Estelle B.  Cheshire.  January 2015.  Estelle commissioned a poem to be written and framed for her son's 21st birthday.  The poem had a decorative title and gilded initial letters for each verse.

"Many thanks for the beautiful work you did for me on my niece's prose. It is just what I was after. I'm sure my mother will be delighted with it."  Jennifer M.  Glasgow.  December 2014. A child's poem was written in calligraphy and illustrated with a picture of a rose.

 "I have been meaning to write to say thank you for the beautiful calligraphy, which arrived when you said it would. It's lovely. Have a good Christmas."  Jo J.  Buckinghamshire.  December 2014.  Jo had a wedding reading written as a first anniversary present for her husband.

"Just to confirm that I have received the parcel today. It is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to take it to the framers. Thank you so much for everything and I will send you a photo of the completed piece." Eleanor W. Lancashire.  December 2014.  Eleanor commissioned her friend's wedding vows to be written in brown ink on handmade paper.  A small illustration of entwined rings completed the piece.

"I got the poem ! I am delighted with it and will frame it and give it to them at Xmas . A nice memory for their special day . Thank you really love it, I will keep your contact for anything in future."  Stuart R.  Dorset. November 2014.   Stuart's wedding speech was written in calligraphy as a present for his daughter and son-in-law.

"All well and the parcel arrived before 1pm.   Thank you so much and I'm sure Ben will be delighted - the script looks just as I had imagined it if only I could have done it myself!"  Gillian C. Gloucestershire.  October 2014.  The text was written for her grandson who had memorised it for a christening ceremony.

"Believe it or not I have only just opened the 'Work '.  It is really excellent and to say I am pleased is a complete understatement. Thank you so much for all your obvious effort and time.  It really is appreciated.  No doubt I will be in touch again in the future."  Alan P. Gloucestershire.  October 2014.  Alan's work also included an illuminated letter. The complete framed piece was an anniversary present for his wife.

"Just a quick note to say the poem arrived this morning thank you, and I am very pleased with it."  Nicola M.  August 2014.  Nicola's poem was written in a mixture of blue and green colours.

"My husband has just seen your work of art and described it as "perfect", "absolutely fantastic", and "brilliant". He is extremely happy with the result, and if you would like any photos of it framed, or lengthier endorsements please let me know (feel free to use the above for any promotional material)."  Melissa A. Devon.  August 2014.  Melissa commissioned a poem to be written in calligraphy as a wedding gift for her husband's friend.

"The album is fantastic - just what I wanted."  Lindsay K.  Cambridgeshire.  June 2014.  Lindsay commissioned an album for her daughter's wedding anniversary.  Calligraphic messages and decorative elements were incorporated with photos from the wedding.

"It has arrived today.....Thank you very much, it is fantastic and a great memory item.  Everything is right about it, it all fits together perfectly.  You are very clever.   Thank you once again."  Mark. Suffolk.  May 2014.  Mark commissioned his wife's poem to be written and framed.  The piece was written in colour on a delicate pastel background.

"A belated thank you for the sterling work you did on my recently commissioned calligraphy.  I took the piece to the framers at the weekend.  I'm confident the finished article will look splendid and have no doubts its recipients will be delighted with the result."  Graham I.  London.  April 2014.  Graham commissioned a wedding reading as a gift for his friends.

"It arrived safely yesterday and it is absolutely lovely. Chris and I are delighted with it and I am sure that Annie and James will be on the day.  Thank you so much for your very kind assistance and hard work."  Carol H.  Buckinghamshire.  April 2014.  Carol ordered a wedding reading that was written as a small scroll in the couple's wedding colours.

"Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful silver anniversary gift, and for putting up with all the changes I kept making to the poem. My wife was moved to tears when she unwrapped it; It is now hanging on the wall in pride of place."  Gavin L.  Suffolk.  April 2014.  Gavin wrote a poem for his wife on their 25th wedding anniversary.  The poem was written in white/silver on blue paper and framed in a silver frame.

"The card arrived this morning. It is wonderful.  Thank you very much."  Marjorie.  Buckinghamshire.  December 2013.  Marjorie commissioned a handcrafted and personalised Christmas card as a thank you gift.

"Thank you very much for the lovely reading, it arrived safely this morning and more than matched my expectations. The roses set off the simplicity of the text and I'm sure my son and his partner will love it. I can't wait to see their faces when we give it to them."  Ros J,  Norfolk.  December 2013.  Ros had a wedding reading written in calligraphy for her son's wedding.

"It's absolutely superb!"  Paddy D. Yorkshire.  November 2013.  Paddy commissioned a piece of calligraphy as a gift.

"Just been to pick up the calligraphy from my mother in laws.  Wow!   It has surpassed all my is absolutely exquisite.  I can't stop looking at it and can't wait to get it framed and present it to my husband on our first anniversary.  We shall treasure it always.  Thank you so much."  Lisa B.  Yorkshire.  September 2013.  Lisa's feedback describes perfectly her order.

"We just wanted to say a big thank you for the calligraphy work you completed for us, it looked beautiful with all of the other decorations at Yaxley Hall. The day was perfect in every way."  Kelly and Edward. Suffolk.   August 2013.  Kelly and Edward had their own place cards inscribed in calligraphy and they ordered a table plan to match their colour scheme.

"I picked up the piece from the post office last week and it is perfect. Thank you very much." Richard B. Sheffield. August 2013. Richard commissioned his third piece of work from me.

"They arrived today, so beautiful!!!!!!!!!  Thanks, absolutely delighted with them!" Orla D. London. July 2013.  Orla sent placecards that were inscribed with guests' names for a wedding.

"Thanks so much – I picked it up earlier in the week. It’s beautifully done & mounted; I’ll recommend you!"  Alcina W.  London. June 2013.  Alcina commissioned a wedding poem to be written and framed to give as a gift.

"My poem arrived today.Thanks,it's very good and just what I wanted."  Alan W.  Northumberland.  May 2013.  Alan commissioned a poem to be written complete with an illustration.

"Just to let you know that these are received and lovely."  Carole G. May 2013.  Kent.  Carole sent her placecards for the names to be written in calligraphy.

"The place cards look wonderful. Thank you so much!"  Megan L. London April 2013.  Megan sent her placecards for the names to be written in calligraphy.

"It's beautiful thank you,it will be going to Melbourne for Easter."  Susan G.  March 2013.  Sue had the poem that she read at her daughter's wedding written in calligraphy.  The poem was posted to Australia.

"I’ve just seen the place cards and menu cards that you have produced for me. They are delightful. Very much appreciated and you’ve added such a touch of individuality to the occasion.  You have captured exactly the style that I wanted. Thank you so much for the work that you’ve done."  Alun H. March 2013.  Middlesex.  Alun commissioned bespoke menu cards and placecards for his birthday dinner.

"I have been away a few days but have picked up the parcel and it is lovely thank you. It really does exceed expectations and looks great, I'm sure my friends will love it."  Claire B. January 2013.  Bedfordshire.  Claire commissioned a framed piece of calligraphy that included a decorative border and gilded first letter.

"Thank you, the parcel arrived today and I am very pleased with it. Now I am looking forward to framing it and passing it on!"  Steve W.  January 2013  Leeds.  Steve commissioned a poem to be written that had a decorative border.  

"Thank you it's really lovely!"  Kate M.  December 2012.  London.  Kate commissioned an 8 generation family tree as a present for her father.

"Just to let you know the work arrived yesterday and is wonderful- thank you so much for all your help."  Sarah A.  December 2012.  Middlesex.  Sarah commissioned a poem to be written with a decorative border.

"Yes they've arrived and they are absolutely lovely - thank you very much."  Hannah L.  December 2012.  Hannah sent her placecards for the names to be written in calligraphy.

"Received today-very pleased, thank you!"  Carol P. Suffolk.  October 2012.  Carol commissioned a piece to celebrate the birth of a baby.

"All arrived safe and sound. It looks fab and bigger than I thought.  It is now at the framers so it matches other pictures we have in the house.  Thanks for a great job, and will use you again next time."  Steve G. Norfolk.  October 2012.  Steve commissioned a poem to be written for his wife's 60th birthday.  The poem was accompanied by a decorative border design.

"It arrived today. Very nicely done. Thank you.  It’s now back in its frame and back on the wall in S...... church."  J.B.  Norfolk.  October 2012.  The church asked for the most recent Rectors' names to be added to a piece of work that hung in the church.

"It arrived safe and sound. I thought it was fantastic. So thanks very much. My daughter was delighted with it as well. It is now hangs on her wall at home. She took a photo of it to put on her board in her room at university."  Mark S. Staffordshire.  September 2012.  A poem was written for Mark's daughter who was off to university.  The poem was framed.

"Sorry for delay in responding, we've been away for weekend, but just wanted to say a big thank you for the wine tags and name cards, really pleased with them, they are lovely, thank you - I'll recommend you and definitely ask you to be doing more 'stuff'!!!!!!!" Angie D. Derbyshire. September 2012.   Guestnames were written on the tags and place cards supplied by Angie.

"I just wanted to let you know that everything has arrived safely and looks wonderful. Thank you so much for all your hard work."  Lesley M.  Berkshire.  September 2012.  Guest names were written in pale pink writing on place cards and a table plan.

"As I suspected, Marilyn was really bowled over by the beautiful book you made for her 60th birthday. The colours were just right and she was really taken with your skill and the presentation - the look on her face was well worth it.  I just can't thank you enough for such a stunning piece of work.  I really can't thank you enough for the way you seemed to understand exactly what I wanted. Didn't the colours work out brilliantly?"  Fran K.  Cambridgeshire.  August 2012.  A handmade book and envelope was made for Fran's friend.

"The poem has arrived. My, but it was well packed!  I'm delighted with it, and I'm sure Karen will be too."  Simon J. West Sussex.  July 2012.  Simon commissioned a framed piece of calligraphy for his friend.

"Apologies for the late reply - had a very busy week! I picked the calligraphy up from the post office yesterday and it looks great. I'm very pleased with it and it will make the perfect personalised present for my brother's wedding. Thank you for all your advice on the border and lettering and for finishing it all so quickly! Can't wait to show them on the 26th!"  Clare R. Kent.  May 2012.  Clare wanted a special gift for her brother's wedding.  Her poem had a floral border and a gilded initial letter.

"Apologies it's taken this long to get back to you, I'm currently still away and my wife's only just picked the package up today as she was away too. Just to say thank you very much, my wife loved it so much she cried when she opened it. She's sent me a picture, your work looks fantastic and is everything I wanted it to be and more."  Tim M. Kent. May 2012.  Tim commissioned an anniversary gift for his wife.

"Lovely job thank you Christine. That verse means so much."  Fergus B.  Northern Ireland.  March 2012.  A poem with a decorated initial letter was produced.

"Thanks so much for the poem, which I received this morning.  It is exactly what I was after and I’m sure my sister and husband will love it!"  Ash W.  Nottingham.  January 2012.  Ash commissioned a poem with a decorated initial letter for his sister's wedding.

"I received the invitation this morning and I absolutely love it! It is exactly what I was imagining and will make an event of giving Peter his present.  Thank you, you have been most helpful."  Nicola F.  Norfolk.  December 2011.  Nicola commissioned a bespoke invitation with a handmade envelope.

"The package has arrived.  Totally speechless over here!  It is truly a work of art - the colours and writing are wonderful...really perfect  Thanks ever so much for our work of art."  Conor H.  Spain.  December 2011.  This commission is a Christmas present for Conor's girlfriend.  The text was written in blue, red and purple and had a small illustration at the top.  It was mailed to Spain.

"Thanks Christine, the poem has arrived and I am delighted with it...the colours are great, your writing beautiful and the decoration really lovely...."  Audrey AJ.  Surrey.  December 2011.  This personal poem is a wedding gift.  It was written in black and red with a decorative border down the lefthand side.

"Your work arrived yesterday as promised - and we're all thrilled with it. Thank you so much."  Gavin D. Wiltshire.  December 2011.  This commission was written in a selection of colours, framed and posted.  It is a Christmas present.

"I hope to be able to push a little more work your way in the New Year and once again I'd like to thank you for your beautiful art work.  How on earth did you manage to balance this so precisely?"   Paul G. London. November 2011.  Paul's text was wriiten in black italics, with the lines centered.

"We both love the calligraphy and it is so special to me. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job."  Karen G.  Norfolk. November 2011.  Karen asked for a short text to be written on a misty, green wash.  The work was also framed.

"I am utterly thrilled with it! THANK YOU SO MUCH – IT LOOKS FAB!  I was so excited I ripped it open and showed the postlady!  And then I was so pleased with it I ran over to my neighbour and she was moved by it too!"  Abigail C. Berkshire.  October 2011.  Abigail asked for a poem to be written that she had read at her goddaughter's christening. An illustration accompanied the poem.

"The calligraphy arrived today and this is simply to say we are delighted with it.  Many thanks."  Jeremy W. Chichester.  October 2011.  Jeremy commissoned  a poem to be written very simply in black ink as a Christmas present for his son.

"The parcel arrived over the weekend and it is beautiful.  Thank you."  Richard B. Sheffield.  October 2011.  Richard is a repeat customer.  This time he commissioned  multicoloured calligraphy with a Mackintosh rose.

"I thought you would like to know that the commission arrived safely this morning. The work is beautiful and I am thrilled with it. Thank you so much for producing such a lovely piece and your were right about the colours... perfect.  Thank you again , I hope I will be able to pass your details on to many people."  Cameron B. Doncaster. October 2011.  Cameron commisioned a piece of calligraphy that was written in multicolours and had a gilded initial letter.  The work was framed and posted.

"The parcel arrived this morning.  Looks wonderful.  Made me quite emotional!Very many thanks."  Larry M.  London.  September 2011.  Larry ordered a first anniversary gift for his wife - their first dance written in reds and purple.

"I did receive the scroll yesterday, thank you.  I am very pleased with it, I think it looks beautiful!  My daughter will be thrilled to receive it I'm sure."  Margaret S. Wiltshire.  September 2011.  Margaret asked for her poem to be written in calligraphy and presented as a scroll.  It is a present for her daughter.

"It arrived today and it is beautiful - thank you so much for doing it in time for me.  We have kept your details on file as I am sure there will be other requests in future- hopefully with more notice!"
  Liz S.  West Yorks. September 2011.  Liz commissioned  calligraphy as a present for her sister's wedding.

"Just a quick note to say it's arrived and one word - WOW! Thank you so much. It's absolutely fantastic, even better than I could've hoped for - the colours are just right!! I am so grateful to you for having turned this commission around so quickly and for being so perceptive in understanding what I was looking for. Please feel free to use these comments for the testimonials section on your website.  Whilst I'm not sure when I will need calligraphy again in the future, I will absolutely come back to you in the future for any other work. You never know - there may be christenings and so on! I am also going to forward your details to some friends of ours, who are getting married next year, in case they are looking to have any calligraphy done for their big day."  Dom A. London. August 2011.  Dom commissioned a first wedding anniversary gift.

"They arrived yesterday and they look wonderful!!! Thank you so much!"  Amy L. Peterborough. August 2011.  Amy sent her place cards to have the guest names written in calligraphy.

"Delivery came on Saturday morning, I have to tell you that I am absolutely thrilled with what you have done.  It is exceptional and I cannot thank you enough.  I would have no hesitation in using you in the future."  Andy P. Solihull.  August 2011.  Andy commissioned a poem and illustration for his daughter's wedding.  The work was framed and posted.

"The table plan and place cards arrived Tuesday. They are exactly what I wanted.  Thank you very much."   Mandy L.  Hertford.  August 2011.  Mandy ordered a table plan and place cards that were to co-ordinate with her mocha and cream  wedding colours.

"I received the plaque this morning.  I'm sure all the P.C.C. members will be very pleased with it."  Elizabeth E. July 2011.  A calligraphy plaque that was framed and posted was commissioned by this Hertfordshire church.

"I got the package fine thank you and it is lovely! Thank you very much for doing it so quickly." Sarah G. Hertford.  June 2011.  Sarah commissioned calligraphy with a thistle border for her husband on their first wedding anniversary.

"I'm so glad I had a chance to meet you, and thank you for all your work.
Just to tell you it's back from the framers, and I'm taking it across on Sunday!"

Sonia W. Wolverhampton.  May 2011.  Sonia was the go-between to commission a large, multi generation family tree.

"The finished calligraphy looks wonderful on the invitations, thank you."  Liz M. Suffolk. March 2011.  This company had guest names written on their corporate invitations.

"The invitations arrived and they look lovely, everyone is very pleased with them! Thank you."  Chrissie B. Gloucestershire. February 2011.  Chrissie ordered wedding invitations with a calligraphy style heading.  A further order consisted of menus and a table plan.

"Christine, a very Happy New Year.  Your art now graces the homes and offices of some of the fine citizens of Nice.  How can I convey the breathtaking surprise and delight upon seeing the difference between what your art looks like on the internet and how it looks and feels when holding and admiring its beauty.  I can't. Amazing.  Well done and thanks and respect to you.  If you have time I will soon be sending more work."  Vincent M. Nice, France. February 2011.  Vincent had his personal poem written in calligraphy and duplicated to make several copies.

"Happy New Year, and I just want you to know that D and H loved their presents.  The work you do is so unique and personalised that the gifts are very special - giving and receiving them.  It could become a habit!"  Simon J. West Sussex. January 2011.  Simon ordered framed calligraphy as a Christmas present for his son and daughter.

"It arrived this morning and we're very pleased with it."  Paul L.  Derbyshire. December 2010.  Paul and his fiancée asked for their Order of the Day to be written in calligraphy.  They will take it to a printer to have multiple copies made.

"I've received the poem now and it is beautiful. I am really pleased with it."  Richard B. Sheffield.  December 2010.  Richard ordered a calligraphy poem with an illustration as a gift.

"The parcel arrived safely.  It looks great.  Thank you very much."  Jenny M.  London.  November 2010.  Jenny ordered a calligraphy commission as a birthday gift for her husband.,

"Thank you for the calligraphy it was perfect. I hope we can work together again in the future."  Nick R. Norfolk. November 2010.  Nick, on behalf of a design agency, commissioned some lettering that would be used on a personalised product.

"The calligraphy arrived a short time ago at 11am. I opened it immediately and was delighted both with the yellow/green wash of the lettering and the framing/matting. The dark green mat is perfect."  Susan D. Cambridgeshire.  October 2010.  Susan commissioned a framed piece of calligraphy as a gift for a friend.

"Thank you so much it looks beautiful, just what I wanted."  Julia H. London.  October 2010.  Julia commissioned a piece of calligraphy as a present for her Mum.

"I have received the place cards today for our son's wedding on 23rd October. They are beautifully calligraphed and I want to say a big THANK YOU .  We have another son who isn't planning to marry just yet, but when he does I will certainly call on your services again!"  Jean S. Norfolk.  September 2010.  Jean sent her son's place cards in the post for the names to be handwritten in calligraphy.

"Just ringing to thank you for the invitations.  They are absolutely fantastic.  Considering I haven't spoken to you or discussed them with you they are remarkable.  I will probably be back in touch with you soon for something else."  Ansaphone message.   Deborah H. London.  September 2010.  Deborah ordered handwritten invitations and envelopes for her birthday party.

"Just arrived home and collected the writing from my parents, I have one word in mind – Amazing! Thank you very much and also for taking so much effort to pack the work so carefully to avoid damage during transit. I know my wife will be thrilled.  I will certainly keep you in mind for the future."  Richard E. Oxfordshire.  September 2010.  Richard had an anniversary gift written in calligraphy.

"I have received the work.  It looks fantastic.  Many thanks for doing it at such short notice".  Keith T. London. September 2010.  Keith commissioned calligraphy for an anniversary gift.

"Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the table plan, it is absolutely stunning.  I have ordered a ‘posh’ frame to show it off at the wedding."  Paul W. Norfolk. August 2010.  Paul ordered a wedding table plan complete with an illustration of the church.


"The cards have arrived, they are beautiful."  Susan C. Cardiff.  August 2010.  Susan ordered placecards written in calligraphy to match the bridesmaids' dresses.


"The scroll has be received with my sincerest thanks!  Its breath-taking and thank you for turning it around at such short notice, I'll be in touch soon."  Jen A. London.  August 2010.  Jen had a scroll made as a wedding present.  The scroll was decorated with illustrations.

"I received my order today and I'm really thrilled with it! Thank you so much once again for doing it so quickly for me, I shall certainly be recommending your services to family and friends and thank you for your good wishes." Josie H. Suffolk. August 2010.  Josie had her wedding vows written in calligraphy as a first anniversary present.

"Hi Christine,  just wanted to say, I received your parcel yesterday and it took every inch of my will power not to open them at work, and wait till I got home so Col and I could both see them together!!!    The envelopes and the cards, everything is just stunning!!  Thank you so much!"  Robin M. London. August 2010.  Robin ordered wedding stationery from the contemporary range and had the envelopes handwritten in calligraphy.

"I have received the calligraphy.  It is very beautiful and I could not be happier.
Thank you so much."  Tim B. Wolverhampton.  August 2010.  Tim commissioned a poem in calligraphy and small illustration.  The work was framed and posted.

"Hello Christine, just wanted to say a huge thank you for the brilliant, perfect work you did for my friends 21st birthday present. The calligraphy was amazing and the symbols were far better than what I could ever have wished for. The gilding was outstanding and the layout you proposed looks fantastic along with the framing. It was received quickly and packaged like Fort Knox and would definitely recommend you to others and use you again.  Once again, many thanks."  Brett S. West Midlands.  July 2010.  Brett commissioned calligraphy as a 21st birthday present.  The work was framed and posted.

"I'm very pleased to confirm that I have now received the wedding reading calligraphy, and it has arrived safely. I'm thrilled with it - it is exactly what I wanted. Thank you very much, I really appreciate your efforts in getting it done so quickly. I will see if I can order the frame for it today, before we go on holiday. Thanks again and you may well hear from me again in the future with another order!"  Wendy B. Northants.  July 2010.  Wendy commissioned a reading from her wedding as a first anniversary present.  The work included an illustration.

"My customer is very happy!"   Scott C. London. July 2010.  Scott is a photographer and asked me to write text that would be fixed in the front of an album.

"I have been away from work and have just returned home to it. It is absolutely perfect. Thank you so much."  Anna L. Northern Ireland. June 2010.  Anna had hers and her husband's wedding vows written in calligraphy as a first anniversary present.

"Yes, they have arrived and I am delighted with them.  Glad I found Alphabet Crafts." Pauline I. June 2010.  Pauline ordered placecards with gold lettering for her golden wedding anniversary.

"I can confirm I have received our place cards and they are absolutely beautiful – thank you so much."  Kate and Matt. Birmingham. June 2010.  Kate and Matt sent their placecards to be inscribed with their guests' names.

"Many Thanks Christine. It was exactly what I was looking for - perfect."  Louise V. Surrey. May 2010.  Louise commissioned calligraphy as an anniversary present.

"Just a quick note to say that Hayley has received the invitations. And we are both delighted with them.  They look superb.  Hayley is over the moon with them.  Thank you so much.  We will certainly be recommending you to whoever needs a calligrapher."  Email from wedding organiser Selena B. Cambridgeshire. May 2010.  Names were written on Hayley's own invitations and returned by post.

"Thank you Christine, it arrived this morning & is perfect"  Jemma S. Wiltshire. April 2010.  Jemma commissioned a wedding reading as a first anniversary present for her husband.

"I have just received the very well-packed package from you and I am very happy with what you have created.  Thank you, once again, for all your help with this gift for my goddaughter."  Jonathan W.P.  Bath.  April 2010.  Jonathan asked for a poem to be written and framed for his goddaughter's 21st birthday.

"I have received the wedding album and guestbook, they are lovely. Thank you ever so much." Vicky H. Norfolk.  April 2010.  Vicky ordered a wedding album and guestbook for her wedding in 2011.

"Arrived at lunchtime today and looks fantastic.  Many thanks for your speedy service!"  Caroline R. Suffolk.  April 2010.  Caroline commissioned a quote as a present for her husband.

"I just wanted to thank you for your prompt work on this, but, more importantly, to thank you for the product. It is beautiful, a really special, stunning piece. I will certainly use you again as and when I have similar present needs!  Many thanks."  Ian C.  London.  March 2010.  Ian had a wedding reading written in calligraphy as a present for the bride and groom on their wedding day.

"Thanks Christine it arrived safely and very well preserved by your packaging. It's really lovely and I'll let you know in May how he receives it!"  Anna N.  Tyne and Wear.  March 2010.  Anna asked for her wedding vows to be written in calligraphy as a first anniversary present for her husband.

"Many thanks for the beautiful wedding vows, I picked them up from the post office yesterday.  They are exactly what I wanted and the illuminated letter is fabulous.  Thank you for turning my order around so quickly"  Emma C. Leicestershire.  December 2009.  Emma asked for her wedding vows to be written in calligraphy and requested an illuminated initial letter.  It is a first anniversary present for her husband.

"I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to thank you for the Leaf book. It is absolutely amazing & looks even better than I imagined it would!! You have done a fantastic job.  Thank you so much."  Mark W. Nottinghamshire.  December 2009.  Mark commissioned a handmade book as a present for his girlfriend.  The book contained leaf prints and hand written quotations provided by Mark.

"Thank you for your email and for the cards which arrived today – they look lovely."  Sarah T.  Hertfordshire.  December 2009.  Influence At Work (UK) Ltd had envelopes and cards handwritten in calligraphy for their clients.

"Thank you so much for the wedding reading you have done.   The Calligraphy is absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to give it to my friends.  It has made the reading all the more special.  Thank you!"  Sarah F. N. Yorks. December 2009.  Sarah commissioned a wedding reading to be written.

"The parcel arrived in good condition today. Thank you for the wonderful work, I am more than delighted with the finished piece. I am sure my wife will appreciate your talent when I present the gift to her in Italy.  Many thanks again!"  Patrick O.  Cambridgeshire.  September 2009.  Patrick commissioned a first anniversary present for his wife - wedding vows written in calligraphy with a drawing of his wife's favourite flower.

"They arrived fine and look absolutely wonderful!! The sepia looks great and matches perfectly with my colour scheme!  Thank you very much!"
Charlotte O. Cambridgeshire. August 2009.  Charlotte sent her place cards to have her guests' names written in calligraphy.

"I have just received my piece and wow it looks fantastic!  Even better than I had imagined. Thank You so much."  Lauren B. Derbyshire. August 2009.  Lauren commissioned a calligraphy piece as a present to her husband on their first wedding  anniversary.

"The package has just arrived, the Calligraphy is beautiful and the effect of the colours is fantastic, thank you so much.  I know where you are for next time!"  Helen M.  Northants. July 2009.  Helen commissioned calligraphy that was written in colours to reflect the landscape of mountain thyme and heather.

"Work received.  Looks fantastic.  Thanks very much!."  Paul S.  East Sussex.  July 2009.  Paul commissioned a wedding reading to be written in calligraphy.

"Thank you so much for the poem in calligraphy. It looks lovely and I shall get it framed tomorrow to keep it protected."  Celia B. Herefordshire.  April 2009.  Celia commissioned a poem to be written with a decorated and gilded initial letter.

"I thought you might like to see your handy work and see how it worked, everything was beautiful."  Liz T. Essex. April 2009.  Liz sent a link to her online photographs to show how well the handwritten menus, escort cards and place cards coordinated with her 1920's style wedding.

"Have received the card thanks Christine-looks very good."  John N. Manchester.  March 2009.  Access Advertising commissioned a handcrafted presentation card and handmade envelope which was presented to The Duke of Gloucester.

"Apologies for not letting you know sooner but the invitations arrived safely and I am delighted with them, they look very impressive.  Thank you so much."  Lorraine F. Suffolk. March 2009.  Lorraine had the names, date and venue details written in her husband's party invitations.

"Thank you for the lovely place cards, they arrived today."  Fiona B. Surrey.  February 2009.  Fiona had her guests' names written on the standard quality place cards.

"I received the 4 pieces today. I think they are lovely. Thank you."  Shane C.  Essex.  December 2008.  Four framed pieces of calligraphy were produced for Christmas presents.

"Thank you.  Your hard work is much appreciated and greatly admired!"  Mary M.  Leicestershire.  November 2008.  Mary ordered 250 place cards with names in calligraphy for a family member's party.

"Thanks Christine this is great work.. just need to find a frame now!  Thanks".  John B.  Hertfordshire.  September 2008.  John commissioned a piece of calligraphy as a first anniversary present for his wife.

"I have received everything OK.  It is perfect.  Thank you so much for all your help."  Luke N.  Lincolnshire. July 2008.  Luke commissioned a love poem to be written as a wedding present for his fiancée.  The poem was bound into a handmade book using delicate, speciality papers.

"Nick and I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for our wedding stationery.  Our invites, table plan, name tags and guestbook were all fantastic.  We are so pleased we met you at the wedding fair.  Thanks again for everything."  Hannah and Nick.  Suffolk. July 2008.  Hannah and Nick ordered a range of wedding stationery items from the "Natural Collection"

"I have received the labels.  Just a quick note to say how great they look.  Even though I thought they would be of a high quality they certainly surpassed my expectations.  The script is perfect for the intended use......Thank you and here's hoping I get the chance to re-order sometime next year."  Michael N.  W. Yorks.  July 2008.  Michael's name labels will be enclosed with his handcrafted musical instruments.

"Just a quick email to thank you for our beautiful place cards.  They are perfect".   Genevieve D.  Devon.  June 2008.  Genevieve ordered place cards from the "Contemporary Collection" which were inscribed with calligraphy.

"David and I wish to thank you for all you hard work.  People loved your chair tags and Kevin the photographer said that they photographed well."  Nicky and Dave.  Suffolk.  May 2008.  Nicky and Dave ordered invitations from the "Contemporary Collection", chair tags and a handwritten table plan to reflect their celtic theme.

"Thank you so much for the envelopes, they are beautifully done.  Everything is perfect and everyone has commented on where I got them done so hopefully you will get some more work."  Lisa R. Spain.  April 2008.  Lisa had guest names written on the inner and outer invitation envelopes.  The work was sent by courier to Spain.

"Thank you so much for our lovely invites.  We have sent them all out and everyone says how beautiful they are."  Hannah and Nick.  Suffolk. February 2008.   Hannah and Nick ordered wedding invitations form the "Natural Collection" and have ordered name tags, guest book and table plan.

Thanks, it looks great.  Much appreciated."  Matt S.  London.  February 2008.   Matt commissioned a piece of calligraphy for a christening.

"Thank you very much for the invitations etc - they look great!  And thanks for turning them around so quickly.  I will definitely be recommending your service!"  Raewyne K.  London.  January 2008.  Raewyne ordered invitations, thank you cards and place cards from the "Contemporary Collection".

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for making our wedding invitations and guestbook for our wedding in September.  They were perfect and just what we hoped for!  We'll be sure to recommend you to all our friends and family".  Mary and Jamie.  Hertfordshire.  December  2007.  Mary and Jamie ordered invitations and a guestbook from the "Natural Collection".

"I am ringing to thank you for producing the family tree for us.  The work is now framed and we are delighted with it."  Richard E.  Suffolk.  December 2007.   Richard commissioned his family tree to be written in calligraphy.  The framed work was a Christmas present for his son and family.

"The packet arrived this morning.  The work is beautiful and is very much in line with my high expectations.  I am thrilled, thank you."  Dominic G.  Italy.  December 2007.   Dominic commissioned two poems to be written in calligraphy for his wife's Christmas present.  The poems were bound into a handmade book using speciality papers.

"I received the completed work today and I am thrilled with it.  Many thanks for such a professional piece of work, so efficiently executed.  I shall certainly remember you in future if I ever need anything else."  Sue F.  Essex.  December  2007.   Sue commissioned the school's mission statement to be written in calligraphy and framed.

"Thank you for writing out my sister's poem, it is even better than I had imagined and will be one of the best birthday presents I have given her in a long time".   Nikki A.  Suffolk.  October 2007.  

"We are over the moon with the work.  Thank you."  Thorpe Bay Yacht Club.  October 2007.   The club requested that a certificate of appreciation be designed for a long-serving member.

"Thank you for very much for the beautiful calligraphy you did for me.  I have had it framed and it looks wonderful."  Liz.  Berkshire.  October 2007.   Liz commissioned a poem to be written in calligraphy for her partner's birthday.

"The picture was a great success and David was very touched.  We are now going out to choose a frame for this and it'll sit in his office where he'll see it every day."  Yvonne M.  London.  September 2007.   Yvonne requested that a phrase be written in calligraphy and combined with a photo of her partner's late father.

"I must say a big thank you for doing a fantastic job for us with our stationery."  Chris and John.  Cambridgeshire.  August 2007.   Chris and John commissioned a bespoke design from the "Luxury Collection" for their Civil Partnership Ceremony.  They ordered save the date cards, invitations, orders of the day, menus, napkin name tags, a seating plan and a guestbook.

"Thank you for your help so far - we had so many compliments on our beautiful invitations."   Victoria and Andrew.  Hertfordshire.  August 2007.   They ordered invitations from the "Contemporary Collection" and will be ordering orders of service and place cards.

"The text looks great - a really nice job and will look classy in the album. Again, thanks very much."   Julia A.  Essex.  August 2007.  Julia, on behalf of a company, commissioned some text to be written in calligraphy that would be placed at the front of a photograph album.  The album was a leaving present for a member of staff.

"My grateful thanks for your beautiful calligraphy re the Shakespeare sonnet 18.  Merle was 'over the moon'."  Freddie B.  Suffolk.  August 2007.   Freddie commissioned the sonnet to be written for his wife's 70th birthday present.

"Have now taken delivery of the family tree you made for me and it is just fabulous."  Thank you so much."  Dagny M.  Hertfordshire.  June 2007.   Dagny commissioned a family tree for her husband's birthday present.

"The majority of our invitations have been received and people are giving them great compliments!  Thanks for producing something that looks so good!"  Chris and Catherine.  June 2007.   Cambridgeshire.  Chris and Catherine ordered invitations, orders of service, menus, place cards, a seating plan and a guestbook from the "Natural Collection."

"Received the invites and they look super.  Thanks."  Eve L.  Cambridgeshire.  June 2007.   Eve sent her invitations by post to have the guests' names written in calligraphy.

"Just a quick note to say a big "Thank you" for a great job!  We are very pleased with the result and will be happy to recommend your work.  Needless to say we did receive it perfectly on time."  Milena G.  London.  June 2007.   Milena commissioned two poems to be written for a christening.  The work was completed at short notice.

"Just to say the calligraphy work arrived safely today.  It is just what I envisaged and will look lovely when framed making the perfect wedding gift."  Wendy B.  Hertfordshire.   May 2007.   Wendy commissioned a reading to be written in calligraphy.

"Just to let you know that the invitations arrived safely thanks, they look superb"  Abby T.  Surrey.  May 2007.  Abby sent her invitations by post to have the guests' names written in calligraphy.

"It arrived safe and sound today.  I love it!  Exactly what I was looking for.  It's totally unique and when I finally move (if only my house move was going as smoothly as this commission) it'll take pride of place in my study."  Russ G.  Essex.  March 2007.  Russ commissioned some programming code to be handwritten in calligraphy.

"The poem looks beautiful - thank you so much.  I took it to be framed yesterday and have matched a mauve border and frame to the ink - it looks very tasteful and, I have to say, even better than I imagined.  My Mum will be delighted." Sue R.  Essex.  March 2007.  Sue commissioned a poem to be written in calligraphy for her Mum's 60th birthday.

"Thanks for the beautiful wedding invites and a lot of our family & friends have commented on how nice they are. I will definitely recommend you in the future as you provided a professional yet friendly service." Fleur W.  Essex.  February 2007.  Fleur ordered wedding invitations from the "Natural Collection".

"The scroll has just arrived and it looks fantastic.  Thanks very much."  Jenny K.  Middlesex.   December 2006.  Jenny, on behalf of a company, commissioned a presentation scroll to be written as a customer service award for one of the company's clients.

"Thank you so much for doing the calligraphy for our wedding at Kentwell Hall.  The personal touches such as the calligraphy made the day that much more special and traditional which is just what we wanted to achieve.  The seating plans are wonderful and we will certainly get those framed as a happy reminder of the day.  Thank you for your patience while we were choosing what we wanted and we got there in the end, so thank you for your help and we hope to call on your expertise some time in the future."   Katharine and Jonathan L.  London.  August 2006.  Katharine and Jonathan had the names of their guests  written in calligraphy on place cards and table plans. The table names were also handwritten.

"It arrived this morning and it looked lovely.  Thank you."   Lynne F.  Warwickshire.  August 2006.  Lynne requested that a poem be written on stained paper to give it an aged appearance.

"I picked up the scroll this morning on my way to work.  Thank you so much for that - it's beautiful - exactly what I wanted!  I'm sure they'll love it as well.  Many, many thanks again."  Karen L.  Surrey.  August 2006.  Karen asked for the poem, she would be reading at her sister's wedding, to be written in calligraphy.  Ribbon was threaded along the bottom and it was rolled and posted in a tube.

"I received it and it was beautiful.  He loved it was very unexpected, yet so personal.  Thank you very much, you have a wonderful talent!"  Laurie R.  Norfolk.  July 2006. Laurie requested that a quotation be written in calligraphy for her friend.

"The Orders of Service are fantastic.  Thank you!"  Jonathan P.  London.  June 2006.  Jonathan ordered an adapted version of the "Glitter" design from the Natural Collection that would reflect the poppy theme of his wedding day.

"THANK YOU SO MUCH!  It is lovely and I know my sister will love it!!" Melanie P.  June 2006.  Melanie commissioned a poem to be written in calligraphy for her sister on her wedding day.

"All my daughter's guests loved the invitations and asked who made them!"   Mrs V.  Cheshire.  May 2006.  Mrs V. ordered the "Luxury" invitations for the day guests and the Glitter design (from the Natural Collection) for the evening guests at her daughter's wedding.

"Thank you very much.  She absolutely loves it."  Alex C.  April 2006.  Alex requested that a poem, he had created himself, be written for his wife.  The work was framed and sent by post.

"Package received, looks great.  Thanks very much."  Peter M.  March 2006.  Peter asked for his wedding vows to be written in calligraphy for his future wife.

"Just to let you know she said, "Yes" and was delighted with the card you made.  Much to my horror she won't stop showing it to all her friends.  I am very impressed with your work, it really is beautifully done; you have exquisite penmanship."  Nigel F.  London.  February 2006.  Nigel requested that his proposal of marriage be written in calligraphy and incorporated with handmade paper and a pressed flower.

"As expected she loved it.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for assisting me in producing a wonderfully unique gift for my girlfriend."  Matt K.  Cambridgeshire.   February 2006.  Matt commissioned a piece of calligraphy which was incorporated with a photograph of himself and his girlfriend.  The work was framed ready for him to give to his girlfriend.

"Thank you for all your help.  We are really pleased with the invitations."  Rhian E.  Essex.  January 2006.  Rhian ordered wedding invitations from the "Contemporary Collection" .

Names on invitations


table plan with illustration



Napkin tags